INTERVIEW: Garry Tonon (Post-EBI 8, 9/11/16)

It's become a bit of tradition that I chat with our pal Garry Tonon at the end of each installment of the Eddie Bravo Invitational.  For those who are unfamiliar, Garry is one of the biggest names in jiu-jitsu, widely known for his athletic style and commitment to do bat-shit, crazy good stuff on the mats.

And as fun as it is to watch him compete, Garry also proves to be an energetic, unpredictable interview.  While I always come in with a set of questions and game plan for what I'd like to talk with him about, all that gets thrown out the window once I see how the conversation plays.  The result is a bit of jiu-jitsu improvisational jazz.  And the thing that truly makes it work is that Garry doesn't take himself too seriously.  

What you see on camera is the way Garry acts off-camera. 

For whatever reason, we didn't get the chance to talk at the last EBI, but we more than make up for it this go round.  And unlike other times where I speak to Garry after he's finished competing at a tournament, this time we get to hear from Garry "The Bemused Observer," who shares what he thought about his student, Gordon Ryan's second championship run at the prestigious tournament.

Additionally, Garry and I talk about a fan who made a hilarious sticker with his likeness on it, his upcoming match at Grappling Pro, and the perceived beef with the Marcelo Garcia crew.  Hell, I even surprise the guy at the very end of the interview with a special birthday celebration.