Click the link to sign up and use the code  VERBAL TAP .

Click the link to sign up and use the code VERBAL TAP.

Jeremiah Vance is one of the nicest killers I know. Dude always has a smile on his face, perhaps because he wrecks people in competition with some of the most creative subs out there. Jeremiah chats with us right after a killer weekend at Subversiv.

He also talks to us about his thoughts on a bogus IBJJF penalty, what it's like training with Tony Ferguson, and an awesome new competition he's got coming up very soon at 10th Planet Murrieta.

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2:22 - Jeremiah talks about his most recent match against Noah Tillis.
13:42 - Jeremiah talks about if he visualizes his finishes for matches.
16:23 - Jeremiah discusses the penalty he got in an IBJJF match (with video)
20:07 - Our discussion on how the IBJJF continues to appeal to competitors despite odd rules.
23:43 - Jeremiah discusses on if he'd still compete at IBJJF tournaments in the future.
26:14 - Jeremiah walks us through the way he had to warm up without a mat for Pans.
31:22 - Jeremiah talks about being team captain for a team grappling showcase at 10p Murietta.
41:24 - We discuss our mutual love of the Quintet format.
45:09 - I bring up the Tony Ferguson meme that can't stop making me laugh.
52:45 - We chat about our anticipation for EBI 17.

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