INTERVIEW SERIES: Stephen Martinez

In four days, Stephen Martinez makes his return to the EBI stage. Only this time, he's participating in a 16 man tournament that features striking.

I got the opportunity to ask him his thoughts about the tournament, what it feels like to start his own jiu-jitsu academy, and how exactly he went about prepping for this amazing new tournament.

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1:12 - Why Stephen is a crazy human being to me.
4:08 - What it's been like to open his own academy.
6:03 - Why Combat jiu-jitsu works so well with his particular style of grappling.
7:53 - Breaking news regarding the EBI tournament and how it relates to him.
10:14 - What the mental game is like as he approaches tournaments.
11:14 - How does a self-professed beer lover cut weight during major tournaments?
13:12 - Who he's looking to compete against at EBI 17.
18:52 - Biggest surprise of opening up his own academy.
21:06 - What people should know about Peerless Jiu Jitsu.
22:26 - Stephen talks us through his awesome arm bar finish at Subversiv.

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