ADCC Trials Interview Series: John Combs

Today at 1 pm Pacific time be sure to catch the YouTube premiere of the interview we conducted with @adcc2019 trials winner John Combs.

The always candid John Combs tells us a lot about his preparation, how he beat the odds in a division that had over 100 competitors, and what he looks forward to this competition season.

ADCC Trials Interview Series: Jonathan Satava

Today we take a look back at a conversation I had with ADCC trials winner Jonathan Satava. We talk a lot about his experiences with Marcelo Garcia, the grueling schedule he has, and he even breaks the news that he was opening up a school here.

ADCC Trials Interview Series: Alec Baulding

On today's throwback interview, we chat with ADCC Trials winner Alec Baulding. Alec describes the series of events that took him out of the US and brought him to Sweden, his approach to teaching, and his friendship with fellow BJJ bad ass Jon Thomas.

ADCC Trials Interview Series: Tim Spriggs

In today's throwback episode, we revisit my interview with Tim Spriggs. You hear him talk about his ventures in podcasting, his love for pro wrestling, as well as the journey that brought him back to the insane world of competitive grappling.

ADCC Trials Interview Series: Aaron "Tex" Johnson

As we get ready for this year's ADCC, we will be re-airing the interviews that we conducted with every person who won at the east and west coast trials. Up first, our interview with Aaron "Tex" Johnson. This interview originally aired on November 6, 2018.