HEEL SECTION (Episode 20) with Eddie "El Guero" Wittern

Some lives are meant to be larger than life.  Sure, when we're kids we may dream of becoming the next Hulk Hogan, but we don't always grow up to be 6'6 and have 24 inch pythons, brother.  That didn't stop Eddie Wittern.  With a story that spans all the way back to training with a certified legend in the business back in 2002, "El Guero" is the kind of guy whose travels have taken him all over the world -- in multiple combat sports. 

And with a giant personality like this man, it's almost impossible to contain his story to just one episode.  So get to know Eddie in this first part of our interview.  In doing so, you'll better understand how: 



And a little bit of sambo have all played a crucial role in shaping the professional wrestler you see before you today.

Check back later this week to hear the next installment in this awesome interview.

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