HEEL SECTION (Episode 22) with Jan Ohrstrom

Some people fall into the world of professional wrestling, Jan Ohrstrom made it his life's work.  When other kids were looking for colleges in high school, Ohrstrom was more preoccupied trying to find a school of hard knocks that might get him on the pathway toward performing in the squared circle.

Of course, that pathway would take a series of twists and turns that would be put on a temporary hold when Ohrstrom would enlist in the US Army. 

We get the opportunity to chat with Ohrstrom about how he came to help create the Valhalla Club documentary (along with our good pal Eddie Wittern who we previously interviewed last month -- you can listen to those episodes HERE and HERE).


We get to hear how Ohrstrom met Wittern, his rookie years in the biz, how he was able to score a try out with the dubs, his on screen time with the black Power Ranger, and even hear why this documentary means so much to him.

Plus, we get to hear a little bit about the psychology of the guy who has evolved and found a clique to help him spread an important message about PTSD.

We highly encourage you guys to get behind the Valhalla Club documentary.  You can rent or purchase that movie right HERE.

And, just because we promised we would do this, here is the video of the black Power Ranger doing the dance that should captivate the masses.