HEEL SECTION (Episode 23) with Keta Meggett

Character is such an important element of building the perfect pro wrestling career.  For some, it's finding the inspiration or the motivation to get out in front of an audience with an amplified version of themselves.  For others, it's the ability to create a sense of escapism.  A chance to create a hero that you can get behind.

This week in our interview with WOW star Keta "Rush" Meggett, we find out a lot of the motivation behind this bully busting superhero.  

We find out that the call to get in the ring is one that not even she saw coming as a kid.  But we find out about a truly empowering journey that reminds us that the larger-than-life persona of pro wrestling is often times a canvas that's about much more than telling a story.  For a select few, it's about giving that next generation a message and a person to rally behind.

This one's got it all folks.  Jiu-jitsu chat, working with Oscar-nominated directors, and a can-do athlete with her sights on the world.  Listen in and let us know what you think!