Be Honest: How Much Do You Hate This Championship Belt?

It's a scientific fact that everyone loves championship belts. Sure, pro boxers, grapplers, and UFC fighters are revered for the fancy belts they get to take back to their gyms. But let's face it nobody rocks a championship belt like a professional wrestler.

They are part of the pomp and circumstance that makes many of these athletes and performers seem larger than life.

So much so that the novelty of wearing a championship belt has extended to the realms of people's fantasy football leagues and attending major sporting events with them (don't get me started on that; that's a whole other conversation) . Hell, there's reason why HHH gets so much love from other sports when he sends out congratulatory championship belts to the guys who win Super Bowls, World Series games, and NBA titles. 

Because, again, it's science: everyone loves championship belts. 

Given that fact and the important role that championship belts play in popular culture, why is it that the WWE allowed their new championship belt to look so ugly.

I know it's posted above on this post, but I think it is worth posting twice, just to get a feel for exactly how ugly it is. 

WWE Network

WWE Network


Is that some kind of cheap pleather they stole from some fancy 1980s purses? Why does it look so expensive, but yet feel so cheap? Does it come with a receipt? 

Granted, it's not all that different from the company's other belts, mainly the WWE World Title.....



And the WWE Women's Championship. 



So I'll repeat the question: WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS LOOK SO GROSS?


Thanks to the help of these memes, I have some guesses. 

and our contribution

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