That Time We Predicted The State Of The 2016 Election (Back In 2012)


There are times when you just click with another performer. Where you watch what they do and how they act behind-the-scenes the-scenes and you say, "damn, we should work more together." 

Such was the case with my good friend Jeff MacKinnon

When I saw him preform at a comedy club, I immediately wanted to book him. Lo-and-behold, he was randomly inserted into our show (  Early Late Nightthe very next week. The minute we finished working together on stage, we knew we wanted to do more work together.

This remote represents one of the few times we took the talk show out of the confines of a comedy club and inserted our nonsense into the outside world (I mean, it's not too far removed, the comedy club was about 100 yards away). 

The joke here we came up with was that we were already looking ahead to the year 2016, just days after the 2012 presidential election had come to a close. Given the nasty political climate that follows any presidential election season, the last thing anyone wanted to talk about was politics.

So that's why we made a number of unsuspecting volunteers down in Burbank talk about politics. What's strange was the oddly profound and clairvoyant nature of it all given today's strange election season.

What I love about working with talent is when you see a vision come to life. When they get the laugh and the teamwork that brought it to life scores one for the entire cast and crew. 

While MacKinnon has done the cliche thing of moving to New York to follow his dreams of comedy and acting, I couldn't be happier for the guy. He's ridiculously talented and a legitimately funny human being who's easy to work with.

But when I look back at stuff like this, I'm truly pleased we got the chance to do some good work together.

I hope you enjoy this segment.