ELN Throwback: The Time We Gave Medals For The Monologue

Rafesparza, YouTube

In honor of the very last day of the 2016 Olympics this Sunday, I thought it might be best to throwback to a time when we did something fun with the 2012 Olympics during the monologue of our August 2012 Early Late Night show.

The bit: We had the very funny Benny Parks stand in the background for the duration of my opening monologue without any explanation.  After a few minutes, I reveled to my sidekick, Austin Stack, that I was in the middle of competing for the Late Night olympics and that my ranking would depend on how well I landed the very last joke.  

Background: This was the third full length show for the cast and crew.  It was during this installment of our show that I really felt we were starting to hit our stride.  Our first show was magic, the second had some kinks, but many would later call this one the very best show we ever did.  Although it's hard for me to say that, there were a lot of bits like the one above that just seemed to click and showed off the very best of our deep bench of talent.

Unknown Fact: The toga Benny wears above was made from a bed sheet, but the white belt was actually the one I used at the beginning of my jiu-jitsu journey.  It somehow went missing by the end of the night and I ultimately had to go to my next BJJ class without a belt to use.  When asked how I lost it, I merely responded, "the comedy Gods took it from me." 

I hope you enjoy it.