ELN Throwback: With All Due Respect James Corden, We Brought Back Boy Bands First

Rafesparza, YouTube

We all love James Corden.  He's an adorably charming talk show host who has won over our hearts with multiple karaoke sessions in cars.  But yesterday he proudly proclaimed that he wanted to make the return of boy bands a priority on his talk show when he brought out the Backstreet Boys to perform on his stage.  

Which would be great, if we hadn't have already done it first. 

Our beloved late night talk show, Early Late Night was instrumental of being at the forefront of the returned boy band movement three years ago.  I'm glad to see Mr. Corden is finally catching up (we also had the benefit of having the first female in a boy band, too, but you don't see us going around bragging about that).

In all seriousness, thank you Mr. Corden for the laughs.  You can check out his contribution to the genre below.  His moves aren't bad (I mean, they're not us, but who is?).  

Also, be sure to give up the love to my other boy band members Ethan StanislawskiJay Light, and Nahreen Tarzi who are all doing great things in their solo comedy careers.  Perhaps we'll reunite real soon :-) 

The Late Late Show, YouTube