Hybrid Success Challenge, Day 4

In the video below, I confront one example of trying to replicate Justin Rader's snap down double leg take down.  When I saw him do it on the video, I thought it might be a nice option for my style of wrestling.  I thought (and I don't say this often), "oh, I might actually be able to do that one." 

The results below, however, proved otherwise.

Hybrid Success Challenge, Day 3

Hybrid Success Challenge, Day 3

As I outlined in my original post, a great deal of my wrestling has always come in the form of counter-wrestling.  Letting my opponent make the first move and then working to put out fires as they come up.  

It's not the smartest of strategies, but it's pretty much all I've got.  Today, I opted to try and identify a few of my worst habits so that I can hopefully start to break a few of them.