VERBAL TAP (Episode 190) with Mike Stallings

Raf's Recollection |  Early morning UFCs can be a bit much.  This whole starting prelims at 8:45 am really doesn't work for me (I'm not a morning person).  

Yet I woke up and watched the fights so I could bring you the type of analysis you've come to love from us here at Verbal Tap.

UFC, YouTube

UFC, YouTube

Aside from recapping those fights, we take a look at the future -- mainly, the future of UFC 203 with our special guest Mike Stallings.  As many of you know, Mike co-hosts another podcast with me called HEEL SECTION that's dedicated to the deconstruction of pro wrestling stories and angles.  Which makes Mike the perfect person to talk with about the upcoming UFC debut of one CM Punk.

The entire world seems to think Punk is on his way to a fast-tracked beating at the hands of Mickey Gall, but we at least have the guts to ask if he has a fighting chance.  Listen in to find out if you agree with our assessments. 

And if you want to hear more about Mike's time on the podcast, you can listen to this week's episode of HEEL SECTION right HERE where we talk about ugly WWE Universal Championship belts, Kevin Owens, and the awesomeness that is the Cruiserweight Classic.

And if you have any problems downloading this week's episode of VERBAL TAP (Episode 190), you can download the episode right HERE.