THROWBACK: Today we throwback to an interview I conducted back at the end of August with the host of The Jugg Life podcast, Chad Wesley Smith.

We talk a little bit about his powerlifting background and then spend a great deal of the podcast discussing how the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu found its way into his life.

But one of my favorite parts about this podcast was the fact that shortly after we recorded this, we both made our way to Master’s Worlds, where Chad earned himself fancy new gold medal.

The fact is: Chad was dominant out there. Here’s a few highlights from that weekend.

And Chad also got tested, early on, learning how to conserve his energy and remain calm when in danger, finding the precise moment to go for the kill.

I’m truly glad that our paths crossed that weekend. I got a quick moment to express how proud I was of his amazing Master’s Worlds run and tell him exactly how great it is to have a new ambassador for the sport who helps bring that message to an even wider audience through his podcast and hosting ventures.

I honestly wouldn’t be too surprised if you see Chad back on the show sometime real soon.

Until then, cheers to our new pal.

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