Sober Reflections: UFC 201

As many of you know, watching UFC events live is appointment viewing in my household.  Not only do I take notes for my podcast, but I also pass the time by live tweeting my reactions to the fights (as well as some of the news I come to find out by watching the post-fight pressers).

Essentially, I pay attention to all the small stuff so you don't have to.

I happened to collect a series of my live-time reactions to yesterday's UFC 201 main card (conducted on the Early Late Night twitter account, as my podcast co-host handled the duties on the official podcast handle).

I also included a few thoughts I had for the implications of tonight's event after it was all said and done.  

Here are a few for your reading pleasure.

Also, the post-fight interview with Perez inspired this meme.

After the event was finished, I handled the post-fight duties on the Verbal Tap Podcast twitter.  

The post-press fight conference was mainly uneventful, but there were two notable things that came out of the whole affair.  

Both of them had to do with new UFC Welterweight champ, Tyrone Woodley.

Once it all calmed down and I had enough time to collect my thoughts, I tweeted out a series of takeaways I had from the results of UFC 201.

*I know this because I just misspelled it right there.

That'll do it for the UFC 201 live reactions and reflections.  Hope you enjoyed.  

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