That Time "Matthew McConaughey" Gave Me Some Advice

Rafesparza, YouTube

When I first started putting together the talk show, I was excited about a number of possibilities the late night talk show format provided for a comedy club setting.  

  • The challenge of performing a monologue in front of a number of strangers who were used to seeing stand up
  • The ability to conduct interviews in front of a live audience
  • And perhaps most importantly, the part where I'd get to introduce audiences to the best emerging talent in late night television.  

Just to name a few.  

But as you might imagine when it came time to include my own set of unique talents, I felt really excited to get a new forum for my love of doing impressions.  That was, until I realized, my being on stage for pretty much all of the show meant I wouldn't be able to step off the stage for any character changes.

And like any problem in late night television, all problems or limitations are really just creative blessings in disguise.  I came up with the concept of doing some pre-recorded audio segments where I could still stay on stage and interact with my own impressions.  This segment aired back in July 2012 and I can now say that we had the foresight of booking "Matthew McConaughey" before he became a big-time Oscar winner.