Felipe Fogolin is anxious to return to the EBI stage. He's calm, no doubt, but you can tell that two days out before the big day, he's cracking jokes like he's just biding the time to get back on the mats and showcase his art.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that Fogolin's return to the EBI mats now affords him the ability to strike while on the ground. As someone who has competed in mixed martial arts, it might just be another day on the mats, but if his previous EBI appearances are to be any indication, he's sure to bring an epic, athletic, and bold style to the very first 16-man Combat Jiu Jitsu tournament.

In our interview today, Fogolin told me about how he was initially skeptical of jiu-jitsu, how he ultimately fell in love with the sport, and even shared the meaning the sport holds to him now after all these years.

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3:01 - What it's like to have the EBI crew come film at your gym for the preview episode.
6:28 - "It sounds worse than it is."
9:37 - How Felipe felt to get the call to come back to EBI.
16:10 - Where does Felipe's grappling career begin?
23:51 - Where did Felipe fall in love with jiu-jitsu.
30:50 - Felipe answers what initially drew him into competing in MMA.
34:11 - What's the most important thing Felipe has learned from competing in MMA.
39:11 - Is there anyone that Felipe is looking to get matched up with at EBI 17.
40:36 - Felipe describes what it was like to compete multiple times and move his gym.
49:01 - Why Felipe opened a gym and the legacy he would like to leave his students.

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