Eddie Wittern

HEEL SECTION (Episode 21) with Eddie "El Guero" Wittern (Part 2)


In the second part of our exclusive interview with Eddie Wittern, we find out a lot more about the Valhalla Club documentary and how he uses the art of pro wrestling to help combat his PTSD.  Eddie goes into great detail about the way he and his co-stars felt during the premiere.

Aside from being a fascinating look at how a pro wrestler creates a character, our interview with "El Guero" gives an important look into the way our military combats PTSD.  It's the type of interview that's more than just hearing about the biz, it's giving a vet the time to listen and share his story (something we can't thank him enough for doing with us).

We also ask about how Eddie came up with using the clown make up, the specific style of moves he uses, a big name jiu-jitsu practitioner that he almost had an MMA match with, and discover why Russians seem to truly love the guy.  

It's an awesome discussion that is a worthy follow up to a podcast that truly lives up to our first installment with the guy.

Also, we'd like to thank Grappler Beard and Body Soap for making this episode happen.  

If you want to see the Valhalla Club documentary, be sure to download or rent the movie right HERE.

HEEL SECTION (Episode 20) with Eddie "El Guero" Wittern

HEEL SECTION (Episode 20) with Eddie "El Guero" Wittern

Some lives are meant to be larger than life.  Sure, when we're kids we may dream of becoming the next Hulk Hogan, but we don't always grow up to be 6'6 and have 24 inch pythons, brother.  That didn't stop Eddie Wittern.  With a story that spans all the way back to training with a certified legend in the business back in 2002, "El Guero" is the kind of guy whose travels have taken him all over the world -- in multiple combat sports.